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            Location of all positions is in Singapore.

            CAE Engineers (Working in Singapore)
            You will be involved in static and dynamic strength/stiffness analysis of semiconductor packaging equipments using computer-aided engineering software.

            Masters/PhD Degree in Mechanical engineering
            Good understanding in stress/vibration analysis with finite element technique
            Machine design skills and experimental skills are a plus

            Control Engineer (Working in Singapore)
            You will be responsible for the design, development and sustaining of high performance motion control system. This will require you to be strong in control theory and its application as well as familiar with other disciplines of Mechatronics.

            ? Masters or PhD Degree in Electrical/Mechanical/ Mechatronics Engineering, specializing in Control
            ? Proficient in MATLAB ‘C’, real time system, sensor, change motor driver systems
            ? Analytical, hands-on problem solver and creative

            Computer Vision Engineer
            You will be responsible for conducting research in computer vision technology; as well as developing advanced vision algorithms and applications for machine automation and visual inspection.

            ? PHD, Masters or Degree in Electronics Engineering/ Computer Science or a relevant discipline with strong technical background in the field of computer vision and image analysis
            ? At least 2 years’ relevant experience
            ? Knowledge of image processing C or C++

            Electronic Engineers (Working in Singapore)
            You will be responsible for developing software for automation and control applications, including advance algorithm to control machines. You will also test and debug the software and provide technical support at customers’ sites.

            ? BA/BS/MSC Degree in Electronics/Electrical/Computer Science/Physics
            ? Good working knowledge of C/C++ and OOP
            ? Experience in control/automation software, system programming and software testing is a plus

            Firmware Engineers (Working in Singapore)
            You will design, develop, deploy and sustain firmware for hard real-time embedded control applications. You are expected to provide technical expertise and solutions to production and field for the deployment of controllers.

            ? Masters/Degree in Computer/Electrical & Electronics/Control Engineering
            ? Knowledge of the application of real-time operating system, software methodology,
            microprocessor architecture, control strategy and programming languages such as C/C++ and

            Mechanical Engineer (Working in Singapore)
            You will be involved in conceptional mechanical design in the area of semiconductor equipment, including providing pneumatic circuit and optical design support.

            · Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, fresh graduate is welcome
            · Familiar with ProE or Solid Edge/Work and MS Office
            · Good understanding of material and fundamental mechanism with basic knowledge of fabrication process
            · Basic CAE experience is a plus
            · Passion for mechanical design and R&D
            · Able to identify problems and meet targets
            Mechanical Engineers (Working in Singapore)
            You will perform automatic semiconductor assembly equipment design as well as material handling and tooling design. You will also be involved in continuous improvement activities and field trips with a focus in mechanical design.

            ? Degree in Mechanical/Production Engineering
            ? Proficiency in SolidEdge, Pro-E and Autocad is a must
            ? Willing to travel

            Mechanical Engineers (Working in Singapore)
            You will be responsible for mechanical design and development of automated mechanism and high speed/acceleration precision mechanism. You will conduct vibration studies, CAE analysis and improvement on mechanical structures or high speed/acceleration motion mechanisms.

            ? Degree or Higher in Mechanical Engineering
            ? Proficient in SolidEdge, Autocad and CAE

            Material Engineer (Working in Singapore)
            You will perform failure analysis and material studies on semiconductor assembly process and equipment.

            · Good Degree in Material Science
            · Familiar with the operation of analytical equipment (eg. FESEM, CSAM)

            Senior / Process Engineers (Working in Singapore)
            You will provide process support for the Encapsulation Solutions Group; as well as providing solutions for advance encapsulation of semiconductor, mold design improvement; encapsulation technology development and new material evaluation.

            ? Good Graduate Degree (Master and PhD) in Chemistry (all fields), Physics, Materials Science or Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Engineering (Areas of Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer or Semiconductor)

            Senior/ Optical Engineers (Working in Singapore)
            You will be responsible for research and development in optical and lighting system for machine automation using area cameras and line scan cameras and optical instrumentation for high precision metrology.

            · Degree or high degree holder in optical engineering or related field
            · Experience in precision optical design or laser optical design
            · Familiar with using Zmax in system design and optical flow simulation
            · Responsible to design optic for advanced 3D inspection machine

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